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Clean is the best decor

Although you might be tempted to display a beautiful dish or decorative cookbook, you’re just taking up valuable counter space. Keep counters clear by stowing away appliances and keep tools your family does not use on a regular basis and keep counter decorations to a bare minimum. A good rule of thumb is to store items that you do not use at least one per week.


The feel of fall in the air may have you thinking it’s time to start getting ready for the holiday season. A great place to start is in your kitchen - the life hub of your home for family and friends. Try these clutter-busting tips to help reclaim your counters and keep them clear and organized throughout the holidays.

Basket case

An easy way to get rid of countertop clutter is to have a designated area to store your valuables. A decorative basket or large bowl is the perfect storage solution for mail, keys, and wallets. Set up your bowl or basket in a convenient place, away from cooktops, sinks, and other food preparation areas. Then, make it a monthly goal to go through the basket to file or permanently store things worth keeping, and throw away anything that is simply taking up space.

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